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how to earn online.. real post from experience
this is real advise from experience listen only if you want to do some hardwork from home with your pc and internet. otherwise stay away from this thread 

yes you can earn from home with pc or net but if you think this is easy job then forget about it...now come to the point how you can start 

first method
you can make a blog where you can post anything this can be about technology, this can be about of travelling, food if you dont know about such shit then try to make interesting post such as scoopwhoop doing right now. i also tried to make hacking website but adsense dont approve hacking content so forget about hacking or any illegal posts... now come to point how you can earn from blog when you have good visitiors on your blog then go to site google adsense and apply for ads. google adsense is father of any other ads content management site. if you dont get approved from that then go to other such as infolinks and chitika. but dont forget media.net and adsense always wins.... 

second method
write articles for other website yeahh again such as scoopwhoop and bubblews do same thing for them and they will pay you. dont knw about scoopwhoop is paying or not but at that time they are pretty famous and many writer on their website 

third method
make interesting videos and then post on youtube if you have interesting videos and have attractive views on them then again apply for adsense on them or earn  

fourth method
easy and fast way to earn sell your old stuff and also your self on olx, quickr, craiglist, ebay or other websites.

fifth method
if you have technical knowledge such as photoshop, autocad, webdesigning, or any thing technical if not technical then try to do something intereseting and sell your service on fiverr.com i know some people who selliing their service on fiver and earning pretty good amount from them

there are many more method i am not in mood to type right now so i will update later.
sorry for bad english Tongue Tongue Tongue

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