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download problem
Sir secb of enviromental engineering is showing problem in complete download, itu download upto18 or 19 mb then failed

dont forget to post link on main thread in which you have problem give me link i will compress file for you, or you can try to download from pc, which have better net connection and one more thing please try to post thread in a particular section, if you have any problem or you want any support then post in our SUPPORT FORUM and if you want to request any notes or other study related stuff then post in REQUEST ZONE
enviorment v sec b.zip (Size: 22.04 MB
@anoop i asked for link, Tongue Tongue  anyway i compressed this file to 1.65mb now you can download Big Grin
next time dont forget to post link because there are 100s of forum i cant remember exact location of all files. hope you can understand

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