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D.S.S.2 Syllabus and notes INDEX of mdu btech 4th year free download



Unit-I: Elementary Plastic Analysis and Design:
  • Introduction, Scope of plastic analysis,
  • ultimate load carryingcapacity of tension members and compression members,
  • flexural members, shape factor, mechanisms, plasticcollapse, analysis,
  • plastic analysis applied to steel beams and simple portal frames and design.

download numericals for practice here.


Unit-II: Industrial Buildings: DOWNLOAD NOTES HERE
  • Loads,
  • general arrangement and stability,
  • design considerations,
  • design of purlins,
  • design of roof trusses,
  • industrial building frames,
  • bracings and stepped columns.

Unit-III: Design of Water Tanks:


Unit-IV: Design of Steel Stacks: DOWNLOAD NOTES HERE
  • Introduction,
  • various loads to be considered for the design of steel stacks,
  • design of steel stacks including foundation.

  • Transmission line towers,
  • microwave towers,
  • Design loads,
  • classification,
  • design procedure and specification.


Unit-VI: Cold Formed Sections: DOWNLOAD NOTES HERE
  • Introduction and brief description of various type of cold-formed sections
  • local buckling,
  • concepts of effective width and effective sections,
  • elements with stiffeners,
  • design ofcompression and bending elements.

Books Recommended:

1.Design of Steel Structures, A.S.Arya & J.L.Ajmani, Nem Chand & Bros., Roorkee.
2.Design of Steel Structures, P.Dayartnam, Wheeler Pub. Allahabad.
3.Design of Steel Structures, Gaylord & Gaylord, McGraw Hill, Newyork/International Students .
4.IS:800-1984, Indian Standard Code of Practice for General Construction in Steel.
5.IS-801-1975, Indian Standard Code of Practice for Use of cold-formed light gauge steelstructural members in general building construction.

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