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Content :-

  •    Aquifers & its types
  •    Properties of Aquifers
  •    Equation of motion for steady & unsteady ground water flow in isotropic homogeneous aquifers.
  •    Dupuit's theory & its assumptions
  •    Unconfined flow with a recharge
  •    Tile drain problem
  •    Ground water exploration & methods of investigations.

download all mdu btech notes and syllabus here.

note: if this helps you then dont forget to help other students by posting some more useful stuff here.

studentsuvidha team

Attached Files

.zip   Ground Water Engg (SEC-A ) Mdu (Size: 8.14 MB / Downloads: 9,979)
.zip   COMPRESSED Ground Water Engg (SEC-A ) Mdu (Size: 1.53 MB / Downloads: 4,596)
Thanks given by: Ajay jaswal , RISHI SINHA

you got the notes of 4rth year.. you are great buddy.!

Thanks given by:

Dear frnd i will try my best as can as possible by providing suitable hand made notes for mdu students ( CIVIL , CSE, ECE, ......)

Thanks given by:

Can not download the ground water engineering notes & question of civil 7th sem

Thanks given by:

dear Avinash Yaduvanshi, what type of problem u r facing......n wht is showing when u download the file.......

hello rusty sir , please solve the problem of dear frnd Avinash Yaduvanshi..........

Thanks given by:

sorry for late response, i was little busy that time. please tell us what is exact problem?? i downloaded some papers again and there is no problem to me.
give me that link where u facing problem.

and dont forget to make new thread in support section...


Thanks given by:

sir, the file automatically failed to download every time when i try it !
for e.g 10 MB file break at 1.4 mb .
can u solve this problem?

Thanks given by:

@DINESH9393 this is common issue if you have low speed internet connection its better to switch but now you can download compressed file, in main thread.

Thanks given by:

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