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Coffer dam: geotech notes for btech civil

hi students!!

this is the notes of cofferdams in geotech for btech civil


  • Cofferdams
  • Sheet piles used as cofferdams
  • other uses of cofferdams
  • types of cofferdams and explaination of all
  • design of cellular coffer dams on rocks and soil

if this helps you then dont forget to help others by sharing and post some more useful stuff here


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.zip   sec B unit 3 cofferdams(1).zip (Size: 1.87 MB / Downloads: 4,297)
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why i can't download these notes as i need very much. i try every where, laptop, mobile, over wifi also but these files got failed in between of downloading... plzzzzzz solve yhis problem. i m eagerly waiting bro..i want all these notes in pdf format plzz give me

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checked and successfully downloaded this file as well you can see screenshot. but still you getting this error then post a shot of error and PM(private message) i will send you there.

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The zip file can only be downloaded with high speed i.e. may be 3g network ........surely  files may be able to download..............

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(04-28-2014, 09:45 PM)naeemkhan Wrote: The zip file can only be downloaded with high speed i.e. may be 3g network ........surely  files may be able to download..............

thats not a matter you can download this with 2g network also. i think internet connection of @wasim khan is not stable, thats why he is getting this error.

@wasim khan give try from another network

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i was also not able to do download these files by using 2g networks.........same problm was also for it became  possibl by using 3g net.......

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not downloading at wifi also

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(04-29-2014, 10:21 AM)Wasim Khan Wrote: not downloading at wifi also

Checked and confirmed that there is some problem when downloading with mobile.... we will fix it soon till then try with pc.

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Thanks for reporting us....

Now give a try with phone.... and be sure in future if u have any problem then make a new thread in support forum


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