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stock bin factory

The container will be constructed to be suitable for transportation in normal operating conditions by modes of:
A.  Marine - on deck or in cell guided by vertical or diagonal lashings
B.  Rail - on flat or container car secured at its bottom corner castings
C.  Road - on flat or chassis secured at its bottom corner castings
2.Corner Protrusions
2.1 The faces of the bottom corner castings protrude from lower faces of all transverse members in the
base of the container by 17 MM (+0.5, -6.0 MM).
2.2 The upper faces of top corner castings protrude from upper faces of the highest point of the roof by 6 MM.
2.3 The outer side faces of corner castings protrude from outside faces of corner posts by 3 MM.
2.4 Under 1.8 x max. gross weight no part of the base will protrude more than 6 MM below the bottom corner castings.
ExtermalSide Door OpeningAllowable Stacking Weight
LengthWidthHeightWidthHeigh60,000 Kg132,280 Lbs
6,058 mm2,438 mm2,591 mm2,438 mm1,828mmCubic Capacity
20'8'8’-6”8’6’32.5 cu.m1,150 cu.ft
LengthWidthHeightMax Gross WeightTare WeightMax Payload
5,954 mm2,284 mm2,393 mm6,720  Kg1,720 Kg5,000 Kg
19’-6 13/32”7’-5 59/64”7’-10 7/32”14,810 Lbs3,790  Lbs11,020 Lbs
Special Feature
1.Two roller shutter doors on one side.
2.Two special ventilators on opposited side.
3.Comply with ISO1161 and ISO 668, easy for transportation.
PACIFIC CONTAINER, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China, is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology. And catering to your special requirement, our factory also offer you the customized service. Welcome to buy the singamas qingdao factory directly produce and sell 20ft open side storage container with us.stock bin factory

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