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seminar report on six stroke engine

 1. INTRODUCTION          Malcolm Beare is 53 year old Australian wheat farmer is indeed an original thinker, in spite of a day job apparently so far removed from the world of mechanics. For the past 23 years, while working his 1300 hectare spread in the sun-drenched outback of South Australia, Malcolm has had plenty of time to reflect on various aspects of his alternative profession. The Beare Engine is a completely new development of the internal combustion engine.           Termed a six-stroke due to the radical hybridization of two- and four-stroke technology, the device achieves increased torque and power output, better fuel economy and cleaner burning with reduced emissions, longer service intervals, and considerably reduced tooling costs when compared with a conventional OHC four-stroke design.A new four stroke engine head design known as the “Beare Head” after its designer Malcolm Beare. The Beare Head uses a piston and ports very much like a two stroke engine to replace the over head valve system that is found in four stroke engines today. The four stroke block, pistons and crankshaft remain unaltered. This combination of two stroke and four stroke technology has given the engine its name – the “six stroke engine” (2 + 4 = 6).                                                                                                                  The prototype six stroke engines already produced have been the subject of extensive testing and theoretical analysis. Key attributes of a six stroke engine include:·         Increased power·         Increased torque·         Fewer, lighter, reciprocating parts·         Simpler manufacture

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