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project ideas of Automobile engineering

Project List For Automobile Engg.  Automobile Project List 

1.        Fabrication of adaptive head lamps for four wheelers
2.        Fabrication of adaptive braking vehicle
3.        Fabrication of future car
4.        Fabrication of adaptive ground clearance vehicle
5.        Fabrication of new type of motorized wheel chair and personal vehicle for handicapped people
6.        Fabrication of two wheeler water lifting pump
7.        Electrical super changing of IC engine
8.        Fabrication of four wheeler, having adaptive body type for variable volume and length
9.        Fabrication of sweeper robot
10.     Fabrication of robot war machine
11.     Fabrication of play ball collecting robot
12.     Fabrication of car bike combo
13.     Fabrication of various accessories for car enhancement
14.     Fabrication of linear motor
15.     Fabrication of motorized tricycle for children
16.     Fabrication of go cart using air cooled Honda / Suzuki engine
17.     Fabrication of device for demonstration of magnetic levitation and launching
18.     Fabrication of exhaust pipe modification, of two wheeler, for                performance improvement
19.     Fabrication of robotic wheel chair
20.     Fabrication of system for engine overheating indication
21.     Fabrication of additional accidental restraint system for four wheelers
22.     Fabrication of Spark plug testing machine
23.     Fabrication of automatic electric power steering
24.     Fabrication of over speed indication and automated braking system for four wheelers
25.     Fabrication of automobile painting robotic system
26.     Fabrication of road cleaning and scrap collecting robotic vehicle
27.     Fabrication of stair climbing robot
28.     Fabrication of automated high/low beam selector
29.     Fabrication of automated wiper control system
30.     Fabrication of obstacle sensing and path changing vehicle
31.     Fabrication of aerial vehicle
32.     Fabrication of vacuum lift machine
33.     Fabrication of variable height vehicle
34.     Fabrication of device for economical super charging
35.     Economical anti theft system for two-wheeler
36.     Fabrication of lawn mover
37.     Fabrication of demonstrative model of hovercraft
38.     Fabrication of goods carrier across stair
39.     System ensuring seat belt application
40.     Advance antitheft system for two wheeler
41.     Fabrication of electric two wheeler
42.     Fabrication of demonstrative model of fish like propulsion system
43.     Fabrication of speed breaker electricity generation unit
44.     Fabrication of solar operated tricycle
45.     Fabrication of water purifying bicycle
46.     Fabrication of wind tunnel for vehicle aerodynamics testing
47.     Fabrication of remote operated weapon system
48.     Fabrication of automated multi-floor car parking system for four wheelers
49.     Fabrication of four wheel steering system
50.     Fabrication of parallel parking vehicle
51.     Fabrication of 360 degree turning vehicle
52.     Fabrication of regenerative braking vehicle
53.     Fabrication of in wheel motor54.     Fabrication of electric car jack
55.     Fabrication of wind power generation system using railway
56.     Fabrication of electromagnetic braking vehicle
57.     Fabrication of hydraulic jack
58.     Fabrication of automatic path finding vehicle
59.     Fabrication of model demonstrating wind mill as supplementary power source for electric vehicles
60.     Fabrication of automatic railway gate controller
61.     Fabrication of Two wheeler mileage testing machine
62.     Fabrication of fully automatic hydraulic braking system
63.     Fabrication of device for production compressed air using vehicular suspension
64.     Fabrication of remote controlled tilting chair for physically handicapped person 
65.     Fabrication of remote controlled waste collecting vehicle
66.     Fabrication of bicycle operated water lifting pump
67.     Fabrication of night light system for bullock cart using self power
68.     Fabrication of solar powered portable exhaust fan for cars
69.     Fabrication of pneumatic bumper for four wheelers
70.     Fabrication of special robotic vehicle for bomb defusing squad
71.     Fabrication of demonstrative model of remote operated extreme load carrying robotic interconnecting units
72.     Fabrication of air powered vehicle
73.     Fabrication of PC operated versatile robotic vehicle
74.     Fabrication of articulated robotic vehicle
75.     Fabrication of engine oil tester
76.     Fabrication of accident prevention system for future vehicle
77.     Fabrication of multistory car parking system
78.     Fabrication of remote controlled material handling robotic crane for bomb squads
79.     Fabrication of automated lawn mover
80.     Fabrication of conceptual solar vehicle

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