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electronics notes 1 year
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UNIT 1--
PN junction diode: Introduction of Semiconductor Materials Semiconductor Diode: Depletion layer, V-I characteristics, ideal and practical, diode resistance, capacitance, Diode Equivalent Circuits, Transition and Diffusion Capacitance, Zener Diodes breakdown mechanism (Zener and avalanche) Diode Application: Series , Parallel and Series, Parallel Diode Configuration, Half and Full Wave rectification, Clippers, Clampers, Zener diode as shunt regulator, Voltage-Multiplier Circuits Special Purpose two terminal Devices :Light-Emitting Diodes, Varactor (Varicap) Diodes, Tunnel Diodes, Liquid-Crystal Displays.

Bipolar Junction Transistors and Field Effect Transistor:
Bipolar Junction Transistor: Transistor Construction, Operation, Amplification action. Common Base, Common Emitter, Common Collector Configuration DC Biasing BJTs: Operating Point, Fixed-Bias, Emitter Bias, Voltage-Divider Bias Configuration.Collector Feedback, Emitter-Follower Configuration. Bias Stabilization. CE, CB, CC amplifiers and AC analysis of single stage CE amplifier (re Model ). Field Effect Transistor: Construction and Characteristic of JFETs. AC analysis of CS amplifier, MOSFET (Depletion and Enhancement)Type, Transfer Characteristic,

Operational Amplifiers : Introduction and Block diagram of Op Amp, Ideal & Practical characteristics of Op Amp, Differential amplifier circuits, Practical Op-Amp Circuits (Inverting Amplifier, Non inverting Amplifier, Unity Gain Amplifier, Summing Amplifier, Integrator, Differentiator). OPAMP Parameters: Input offset voltage, Output offset voltage, Input biased current, Input offset current Differential and Common-Mode Operation

Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements: Digital Voltmeter : Introduction, RAMP Techniques Digital Multimeters: Introduction Oscilloscope: Introduction, Basic Principle, CRT , Block Diagram of Oscilloscope, Simple CRO, Measurement of voltage, current phase and frequency using CRO, Introduction of Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Comparison of DSO with Analog Oscilloscope.

Fundamentals of Communication Engineering: Elements of a Communication System, Need of Modulation, Electromagnetic spectrum and typical applications. Basics of Signal Representation and Analysis, Introduction of various analog modulation techniques, Fundamentals of amplitude modulation, Modulation and Demodulation Techniques of AM.

Text Books:
1. Robert L. Boylestand / Louis Nashelsky “Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory”, Latest Edition, Pearson Education.
2. H S Kalsi, “Electronic Instrumentation”, Latest Edition, TMH Publication,.
3. George Kennedy, “Electronic Communication Systems”, Latest Edition, TMH,

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