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aktu SYLLABUS buliding materials

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Scope of Study of building Materials: building materials and their performance, economics of the building materials. Stones: Requirement of good building stone, characteristics of building stone sand their testing. Common building stones. Methods of preservation of stones. Bricks: Manufacturing process of clay bricks, classification of clay bricks. Properties of clay bricks, testing methods for clay bricks. Problems of efflorescence & lime bursting in bricks & tiles. Gypsum: properties of gypsum plaster, building products made of gypsum and their uses. Lime: Manufacture of lime, classifications of limes, properties of lime. Cement: Raw materials used, Process of Manufacturing, Chemical composition, compounds formed and their effect on strength, Types of cement, Testing of cement properties, Uses of cement. Cement Concrete: Constituent materials and their properties, Grades of concrete, Factors affecting strength, Properties of concrete at fresh and hardened stage, Testing of concrete, Methods of Curing of concrete. Pozzolona: Chemical composition and requirements for uses, Natural and Artificial flyash, Surkhi(burnt clay pozzolona), rice husk and ash pozzolona, properties and specifications for use in construction. Timber: Classification and identification of timber, Fundamental Engineering Properties of timber, Defects in timber, Factor saffecting strength of timber, Methods of seasoning and preservation of timber. Wood based products. Asphalt: Bitumen and Tar: Terminology, specifications and uses, Bituminous materials.


Plastics: classification, advantages of plastics, Mechanical properties and use of plastic in construction. Paint svarnishes and distempers: Common constituents, types and desirable properties, Cement paints. Ferrous metals: Desirable characteristics of reinforcing steel. Principles of cold working. Reinforcings telemechanical and physical Properties chemical composition. Brief discussion on properties and uses of Aluminum and lead. Glass: Ingredients, properties types and use in construction. Insulating Materials: Thermal and sound insulating material, desirable properties and types.


Buildings: Components of building, area considerations, Construction Principle and Methods for layout, Damp proofing, antitermite treatment in buildings, Vertical circulation means: stair cases and their types, design and construction. Different types of floors, and flooring materials (Ground floor and upper floors). Bricks and stone masonary construction. Cavity wall & hollow block construction.


Doors and Windows: Construction details, types of doors and windows and their relative advantages & disadvantages. Types of roof and roof treatments, Lintel sand Chhajja, Principles of building Planning.


Natural Ventilation, Water Supply and Sanitary fittings (Plumbing), Electric Fittings. Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC), Mechanical Lifts and Escalators, Fire Fighting and Fire Protection of Buildings. Acoustics. Plastering and its types, pointing, Distempering, Colour washing, Painting etc. Principles & Methods of building maintenance.


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