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Multimedia IPU BCA notes and paper free download



Introductory Concepts: Multimedia - Definitions, Basic properties and  medium types.(Temporal and non temporal) . Multimedia applications Uses of Multimedia, Introduction to making multimedia - The Stages of project, the requirements to make good multimedia, Multimedia skills and training . Multimedia-Hardware and Software: Multimedia Hardware - Macintosh and Windows production Platforms, Hardware peripherals - Connections, Memory and storagedevices, Media software - Basic tools, making instant multimedia, Multimedia software and Authoring tools, Production Standards.

Multimedia building blocks Creating & Editing Media elements: Text, image, Sound, animation Analog/  digital video Data Compression: Introduction, Need, Difference of lossless/lossy compression techniques. Brief overview to different  compression algorithms concern to text, audio, video and images etc.

Multimedia and the Internet: History, Internet working, Connections, Internet Services, The World Wide Web, Tools for the WWW - Web Servers, Web Browsers, Web page makers and editors, Plug-Ins and Delivery Vehicles, HTML, Designing for the WWW -Working on the Web, Multimedia Applications - Media Communication, Media  Consumption, MediaEntertainment, Media games.

Multimedia-looking towards Future: Digital Communicationand New Media, Interactive Television, Digital Broadcasting, Digital Radio, Multimedia Conferencing, Virtual Reality, Digital Camera. Assembling and delivering a Multimedia project-planning and costing, Designing and Producing, content and talent, Delivering, CD-ROM: The CD family, production process, CD-i–Overview–Media Types Technology.

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