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Metallic Gaskets factory

Ring  Joint Gasket
BOTE-RTJ is machined from solid metal in a  variety of shapes and designed for high pressure, high temperature or highly  corrosive applications by selecting the most suitable material and shape. It is  designed to withstand exceptionally high assembly loads over a small area, thus  producing high seating stresses.
PL Plain type RJG
OV Oval type RJG
OC Octagonal type  RJG
RX RX type RJG
BX BX type RJG
S Special type RJG
       MaterialCode SampleHardness(HB)T(¡æ)
Soft IronR23 SI90530
Carbon SteelR23 CS120530
304(L)¡¢321¡¢316(L)R23 S304160750
5Cr1/2MoR23 F5130500
Copper for 640PL 50400
Aluminium for 640PL 30300
Standards for Ring Joints Gaskets used with    flanges
RJG StyleRJG standardFlange standard
          RASME B 16.20 API 6AANSI B 16.5 ANSI B 16.47 Series A
         RXASME B 16.20  API 6AAPI 6B
         BXAPI 6AAPI 6BX
Can be ordered according to the  detailed drawing
Metallic Gaskets factory

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