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Fundamental of Management MDU Btech



Meaning of management, Definitions of  Management, Characteristics of  management, Management  Vs. Administration. Management-Art, Science and  Profession.  Importance of Management.  Development of Management thoughts. Principles of Management.  The Management Functions, Inter-relationship of  Managerial functions. Nature  and Significance of staffing, Personnel  management, Functions   of  personnel management,  Manpower   planning, Process   of  manpower  planning,  Recruitment, Selection; Promotion - Seniority Vs. Merit.  Training - objectives  and types of training.

Production Management : Definition, Objectives, Functions and Scope, Production Planning and Control; its significance, stages in production planning and control.  Brief introduction to the concepts of material management, inventory control; its importance and various methods.

Marketing  Management - Definition of  marketing,  Marketing concept, objectives & Functions of marketing. Marketing Research  -  Meaning;  Definition; objectives; Importance; Limitations; Process. Advertising - meaning of advertising, objectives, functions, criticism.

Introduction of Financial Management, Objectives of Financial Management, Functions and Importance of Financial Management.  Brief Introduction to the concept of capital structure and various sources of finance.

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