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Earn With StudentSuvidha while studying.

Hi, Everyone!!

How to earn?
Now you can earn from StudentSuvidha, your university and branch doesn't matter, all you have to do is upload hand made notes in PDF form in particular section/forum made for your course(if forum not available then reply to this thread we will make one for you), and if you don't have pdf then you can mail us good high-quality images in proper series we will help you in this. You can earn 30rs per Unit and you can earn around 150rs for the complete section. And if you have proper Notes of the complete subject then you can earn around 800rs. 

Our only requirement is Notes should be complete and in the proper format. If you have any queries then you can mail us at [email protected]

Payment Mode: Paytm, Neft, Cash and any suitable option for both.

  • Rs 30 for one complete unit.
  • Rs 150 for one complete section, if your section has 4 units which mean you are earning for 1 extra unit. 
  • Rs 700 for one complete subject. which means you are earning 100rs extra by uploading all 4 sections at the same time.
  • Rs 5 for one question paper
No minimum payout. You can upload the complete file and ask for payment. 

  • File Should not contain any watermark and should not be locked to edit, StudentSuvidha will have complete rights on the file to edit it as per requirements.  
  • It should be hand-made, scan pages of any book are not allowed.
  • If you don't have good quality notes with handwriting which is not able to understand properly then revenue will not be same it will depend on the quality of notes uploaded. 
  • Notes already available in the website is not acceptable. You can use search option to find it and you can reply to this thread if you want any help.
  • Studentsuvidha will have full rights to change revenue price or rules anytime, so please don't forget to check rules and price regularly. 

Now Engineering students can earn by linking Notes threads to syllabus of any university. See sample here
If you have any query or want to know anything then please comment on this thread, we will be happy to help you. 

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