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EPS Moulding factory

The introduction of foreign advanced glass fiber reinforced cement technology. The main products of glass fiber reinforced cement (GLASS FIBRE REINFORCED CEMENT GRC) using the original technology development and production of cement wall decoration products as decorative beauty: decorative line, Luo Mazhu, Chuangtao, Mentao, flowers, flower pots, relief murals canopies and other large projects.
The company has a high level of computer designers, designers and experienced installation team, strong. Our aim is to provide high quality products and services to the civilian population. Whether it is European style, or China traditional architectural style, no egg is the classical style of architecture, or modern decorative fashion, we can make your ideas for the realization of.
Enjoy the boat to the service, give you a satisfactory return.
Our Product
GRC moulding, EPS moulding,
Product Application
Building decoration materialsEPS Moulding factory

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