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E-Commerce and M-Commerce IPU IT notes and question paper free download



Introduction and Concepts: Networks and commercial transactions – Internet and other novelties; networks and electronic transactions today, Model for commercial transactions; Internet environment – internet advantage, worlds wide web and other internet sales venues; Online commerce solutions. 
Security Technologies: Insecurity Internet; A brief introduction to Cryptography; Public key solution; Key distribution and certification; prominent cryptographic applications. 
Electronic Payment Methods: Updating traditional transactions; secure online transaction models; Online commercial environments; digital currencies and payment systems; Offline secure processing; private data networks. 

Protocols for Public Transport of Private Information: Security protocols; secure protocols; Secure hypertext transfer protocols; Secure sockets layers; Integrating security protocols into the web; Non technical provide. 
Electronic Commerce Providers: On-line Commerce options: Company profiles. 
Electronic Payment Systems: Digital payment systems; First virtual internet payment system; cyber cash model. On-line Commerce Environments: Servers and commercial environments; Netscape product line; Netscape commerce server; Microsoft internet explorer and servers; open market. 
Digital Currencies: Optional process of Digicash, Ecash Trail; Using Ecash; Smart cards, Electronic Data Interchange; Its basics; EDI versus Internet and EDI over Internet. 
Strategies, Techniques and Tools: Internet Strategies: Internet Techniques, Shopping techniques and online selling techniques; Internet tools.

Supply chain management: Introduction, What is supply chain management? Focus on the value chain, Option for restructuring the supply chain, Using e-business to restructure the supply chain, Supply chain management implementation. 
E-procurement:  Introduction, What is e-procurement?, Drivers of e-procurement, Focus on estimating eprocurement cost savings, Risks and impacts of e-procurement, Implementing e-procurement, Focus on electronics B2B marketplaces, The future of e-procurement? Customer relationship management: Introduction, What is e-CRM?, conversion marketing, the online buying process, customer acquisition management, focus on marketing communications for customer acquisition, customer retention management focus on excelling in e-commerce service quality, customer extension Analysis and design: Introduction, process modeling, Data modeling, Design for e-business, Focus on user –centered site design, Focus on security design for e-business. Implementation and maintenance: Introduction, Alternatives for acquiring e-business systems, Development of web-based content and  services, focus on developing dynamic web content, testing, Changeover, Content management and maintenance, Focus on measuring and improving performance of e- business systems.

Introduction to M-commerce: Emerging applications, different players in m-commerce, M-commerce life cycle Mobile financial services, mobile entertainment services, and proactive service management.  
Management of mobile commerce services, Content development and distribution to hand-held devices, content caching, pricing of mobile commerce services; emerging issues in mobile commerce: The role of emerging wireless LANs and 3G/4G wireless networks, personalized content management, implementation  challenges in m-commerce, futuristic m-commerce services.

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