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CAD mdu btech notes and question paper free download



Introduction: Introduction to CAD, Design Process, Introduction to CAM/ CIMS, Importance and Necessity of CAD, Applications of CAD, Hardware and Software requirement of CAD, Basics of geometric and solid modeling, coordinate systems. 
Transformations: Introduction, transformation of points and line, 2-D rotation, reflection, scaling and combined transformation, homogeneous coordinates, 3-D scaling, shearing, rotation, reflection and translation, combined transformations. 

Curves: Algebraic and geometric forms, tangents and normal, blending functions reparametrization, straight lines, conics, cubic splines, Bezier curves and B-spline curves. Surfaces and Solids: Plane surface, ruled surface, surface of revolution, tabulated cylinder, bi-cubic surface, Bezier surface, B-spline surface, Solid models and representation scheme, boundary representation, constructive solid geometry, sweep representation, cell decomposition. 

Automation and Numerical Control: Introduction, fixed, programmable and flexible automation, types of NC systems, MCU and other components, NC manual part programming, coordinate systems, G & M codes, Part program for simple parts, computer assisted part programming. 
Group Technology: Part families, part classification and coding, production flow analysis, Machine cell design, Advantages of GT. 

Flexible Manufacturing Systems & Computer aided process planning: Introduction, FMS components, types of FMS, FMS layouts, planning for FMS, advantages and applications Conventional process planning, types of CAPP, Steps in variant process planning, planning for CAPP. 
Finite Element Method: Introduction, Procedure, Finite Element Analysis, Finite Element Modeling, Analysis of 1D, 2D structural problems.

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